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Colorful Beaded Necklace

Colorful Beaded Necklace

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These necklaces are light weight and easy to put on. They go over your head with no clasp and goes with any color clothing. Very cultural, simple, and yet unique.

This Necklace is made from tiny beads that some people use for waist bead making. The idea to create a necklace of such was thought of simply out of creative expression. I truly wanted a necklace that resembled the beads worn around the waist and I didn't care if it was popular or trendy. To sum the story up, people saw my necklace and I wanted one too, lol. I am elated that others want and appreciate my creation and to add I have anklets to match. 

(Fits most adult wrist, do not recommend for children under 8 years old due to choking hazard)

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