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Asè Journey

Dragon's Blood Sage Bundle

Dragon's Blood Sage Bundle

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Cleanse, Release, Protect, & Heal. 

Asè Journey Spiritual Bundle with Dragon's Blood (Red) Sage, Palo Santo, and a Cinnamon Stick.

Burning Sage - cleanses all energy.

Burning Palo Santo - cleanses all negative energy. 

Burning Cinnamon - Attracts Money and Abundance. (You can also carry it on you in a wallet or purse for attraction as well, does not have to be burned.) 

Education: Dragon's Blood sage is created by dipping fresh white sage in Dragon's Blood resin. Dragon's Blood Resin is a resin that forms naturally on berries of the Cinnabar Tree. It can be used for protection, banishing, and/or healing rituals. 


Attention: (Please open a window and/or door if possible when burning sage in any space and choose a safe place to burn your spiritual items. ) 

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